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Thread: A Dark Divinity/The Precursur

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    These 2 poems come one after the other but chronologically, the second one occurs before the first...

    A Dark Divinity
    A darkness prevails where the light could not penetrate. The silent voice of the eerie gray seemingly overtakes my mind as it encapsulates my very being. Oh, wherefor shall there be no end to such a flaw in my minds eye, that i become a statue within my own demise? I've gathered such monolithic substance only to fall from such great heights. Where will the heart find my soul and the physical being I once used to be? For I cave into myself and become a shell of the former self.

    The Precursor
    A dark divinity befalls ravaged souls in this physical existance. Blue skies decay into diverse shades of gray, as the suns light dims behind a heavy haze. Apocalypse descends upon humanity with lightning speed. Death, destruction, the breakdown of society grasps each individual causing corruption. The sudden loss of innocence epitomizes the war within the self. Man falls into the pits of false truths only to burn in the eternal fire. Only the truly righteous ascend into the light.

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    Don't know what to say... Just one word: Deep.
    Get off my back

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    nice post thanks

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