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Thread: Is accounting a problem?

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    exactly..infact i use these sites too...its easy to understand than teachers for me..if u ask..

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    thanx so much rahen it will b really helpful for me
    I M What i Call i m "i m Loaded hell"

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    glad to know that...

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    Thanks rahen
    But accounting its very simple if understand him/her. In second way its very dificul subject in education if dont understand him/her.
    I like it math and this is count my feauret in silybus.
    I tell some thing that
    Accounting according only three Base
    1. Profit
    2. Expansive and Libites.
    3. Assit.
    Assit is count and some time not count in Gen ladure. But going to caculation only Profit and Exmpansive and Libites. In clossing time both amount same so ur account is right.

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    yes..and it is not possible to reach balance sheet without going through trial balance..
    Trading a/c, profit and loss and asset liabilities in other words balance done on yearly basis..

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    help me out dude

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