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    I hav a question, maybe someone can answer for me

    From PAK, jo log international number pe text messages karna chahte hai tho woh kaise hota hai? I mean, is that system in the phones yah seperate koi card ya paise daalne parte hai phone main to text internationally...ya is it that they only hav local text messeages within PAK
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    yassi..i hve just asked omar bhai abt it..and he said...msg will be done the same way as we do whether locally or internationally...but yes it will cost u a lil more internationally than locally while sending for pk mobile users...

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    Aap kissi bhi number per sms ker sakte ho yahan se, all you need is a cell phone with sms capabilities (quite common). International sms kerne k lie they have to enter the recepient number with the IDD code i.e. 001XXXXXXXXXXXX < the one that they can call to. Sms charges are rs 5/sms mostly.
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    Endy bro thek kehrahe hain... jis tara local sms hote hian bilkul usi tara international sms hojata hey .. Bas Recepient No enter karna hota hey wid country code.

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    Endi ne acchay se samjha diya hai. I just wants to add k to call or to sms anyone internationally, first of all you have to add 'international code' i.e. 00 (double zero) and then the 'country code' for example, the country code for USA & Canada is 1 for UK its 44.

    To call/sms USA you need to dial/write 00 (international code) 1 (Country code) and the number. so it should be like this ... 001XXXXXXXXXX (X here represents the number).

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