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Thread: Applications for Samsung, Motorola and LG

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    Download Applications for Samsung, Motorola and LG Mobiles

    Note.You Must be a Registered member before downloading any Application.Installing an App on mobile is very easy just follow the points :

    1. Download Application to your PC
    2. Transfer it to Your Mobile through (Data Cable,Bluetooth or Infrared)
    3. After transfer of your file run the file and installion will be started,After sucessful installion of app you can start using that app simply by going to the main menu of your mobile.Enjoy

    More Symbian Applications,Java Applications,Themes,Games and Much more coming soon compatible with the following brands:
    Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Ericsson, LG, Neonode, Qtek, Sendo, Sagem, Sharp, Alcatel, BenQ, Sanyo, Kyocera, NEC, Bird, i-mate, Maxon, Mitsubishi, palmOne, Pantech, Tel.Me., VK Mobile, Amoi, BlackBerry, Chea, Haier, Innostream, Mitac, O2, Sewon, Telital.
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    Opera Mini 3.1

    Opera Mini 3.1 - faster and more powerful! Free Web browser for your phone. Opera Mini gives you access to your favorite Web sites on your favorite phone. Browse the full Web anywhere, anytime! Internet traffic is compressed, giving a fast browsing
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    FULL VERSION: Dictionary v2.5

    FULL VERSION: Dictionary v2.5
    FREE! Compatible with all J2ME devices Samsun Motorola LG. Easy to use.
    English Explanatory Dictionary for Mobiles.Any word Any phrase any time in your pocket
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    MemoryUp Standard Edition

    For most smartphones, there are dozens of J2ME programming running in front-end or back-end, which takes lots of RAM from your smartphone. MemoryUp can monitor your system in the background, freeing resources when needed. Many smartphone owners have also installed J2ME programs on their phones. MemoryUp can help you to automatically analyze and recover up to 50% RAM occupied by your programs. The main features of MemoryUp includes: - Smart management of Java virtual machine (JVM) - Startup boost/Automatic boost/Manually quick boost for your choice - Real-time JVM RAM calculation & display - Warning/Auto-recovering RAM at your preset threshold - Run in the background and automatically help reclaim wasted memory on your smartphone - Effective utilization of memory resources - Intuitive interface and super easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users - Advanced boosting features (force system to use large cache, prohibit kernel to disk swapping, auto-allocate critical threads, etc.) for professional mobile users
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    Prayer Times

    Get prayer (salah) timings (for Islam/Muslims) and sound alerts (contains alarm tone and takbir from makkah in basic version) for your local city . Contains database of 23,978 cities in 252 countries in Prayer Times Pro! with Qibla direction and distance now on Java-enabled phones, Pocket PCs, Blackberry devices and Symbian devices. Supports All MIDP 2.0 java-enabled phones.
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    Everything you need to manage your files on your phone or FTP server

    MobyExplorer is a powerful File Manager and FTP Client for Java J2ME enabled mobile phones. It is the complete tool for managing your files on your phone or FTP server in any way.
    It has support for military strength file encryption, a built in text editor which is also integrated with the encryption engine so you can write completely secure notes, and support for file compression using the GZip protocol. The Text Editor can also be used to edit files or web pages remotely on a FTP server.
    Main features

    * Powerful File Manager with features like Copy/Paste, Rename, Delete, Create Directory, View File Properties, Write Protection of files, Hidden Files (provided that the underlying file system supports it)
    * FTP Client with features equivalent of a FTP client on Desktop computers.
    * File Encryption utility to easily secure your sensitive files using military strength Twofish encryption.
    * Text Editor which can be used to view and edit text files both locally on the phone and remotely on a FTP server.
    * Write and view completely secure notes using the built-in text editor which is integrated with the encryption engine. Use this to store credit card information, passwords etc. completely safe.
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    Ever wanted to spy on someone or something when you cannot be present. This program turns your mobile into a cool spy cam. All you have to do is run it and place it in the location you wish to monitor. Then just enter the Website address displayed on the mobile using a computer or access the live stream via Bluetooth and you will see what your mobile can see instantly. You can monitor what is happening from any location in the world!

    Please note that some mobile networks require you to have a public wap IP address before the live stream works. Click Here to Register you Device.
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    The full version of MathPack program is the most powerful mathematical package for mobile . The package is must-have tool for students, engineers and researchers. MathPack program is using double precision, So the calculations are very accurate. The program is proposed for mobile phones running java (MIDP 2.0, cldc 1.1). The MathPack v 1.2 contains: 1. Professional Calculator 2. Equation Solver 3. Definite Integration 4. Function Solver 5. Linear System Solver 6. Graph Plott
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    great...these mobs have some good apps when it comes to learning...

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    y I cant download it???

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