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Thread: Aisa's 10 Sexiest Actress

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    1 - Bipasha Basu -Britain's largest selling Asian newspaper hailed actress Bipasha Basu as the Sexiest Asian Women in the World. The newspapers defined the Bollywood diva as "a living embodiment of sexual attractiveness... whose acting ability, beauty and charm are capable of arousing great interest from the world's media". Last year, it was Priyanka Chopra who was No. 1 on the list of the Sexiest Asian Women in the World

    2 - Madhuri Dixit -In the runner up position surprisingly is no glam actress of today. Instead actress Madhuri Dixit, whose film Aaja Nachley is all set to hit the screens soon, enjoys the second position in the poll. Looks like her mesmerizing smile and great persona still makes her so 'wanted'. Quite an achievement at her age, we say.

    3 - Priyanka Chopra -At No. 3 is Priyanka Chopra. All of only 25 years of age, Chopra was hailed as the third Sexiest Asian Woman in the World. The actress has made her mark in Bollywood and is only getting better in talent and looks as days go by. And about being touted as a sex symbol, we're sure Priyanka has no aitraaz, as long as her andaaz is still recognized.

    4 - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan -The lovely Aishwarya Rai comes fourth on the list. One wonders if her change in marital status has anything to do with her drop in popularity. But let us tell you, Ash is still 'drop dead gorgeous' and a tough competitor is these sexy polls.

    5 - Laila Rouass -Laila Rouass is best known for her role in the Brit Drama Footballer's Wives, where she plays Amber Gates. This dusky Beauty is high on the oomph factor and comfortably makes it to the No. 5 position on the Sexiest Asian Women's list. An English actress, Laila is of Moroccan-Indian descent.

    6 - Shilpa Shetty -After her Big Brother win, Shilpa Shetty is reigning in the UK. Having upped her popularity in the country, the actress also has a fab body that doesn't go unnoticed. Complimented with an attractive face, this tall-legged lass makes it to the No. 6 position on the Sexiest Asian Women's list.

    7 - Katrina Kaif -Actress Katrina Kaif is gorgeous. Having launched a thousand products, this pretty face is making it big in the acting world as well. Having made a successful on-screen pair with Akshay Kumar and a fabulous off-screen pair with Salman Khan, Katrina is many-a-male's fantasy.

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    8 - Kareena Kapoor -Actress Kareena Kapoor, after having shed those few extra kilos, made it to No. 8 position on the list. The stunning looker with much attitude and style couldn't be missed. And after her latest release, Jab We Met, striking the right chord with the audiences, she was bound to make it in the top ten.

    9 - Lara Dutta -Miss Oomph, Lara Dutta was Sexy Asian Woman No. 9. The actress has upped her sexy quotient ever since Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, and soon after was lucky to have yet another success story under her belt in the form of the Salman-Govinda starrer Partner. The girl, we're sure, is going to climb the ladder of success and sexiness slowly but surely.

    10 - Iman Ali -A popular Paki$tani model and actress, the beautiful Iman Ali is described as Bold and Beautiful and is extremely popular within fashion circles. Having starred in television productions, the actress wishes to make it in Bollywood provided the role offered is substantial. The lady has the style to carry of every look with utmost elan.

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