Yazzed (r.a) or simple Yazeed

U resemble similar to bani israel who have forgotten Islam and have started open revolt against it bc of ur ignorance and hatred. How come u accepts fire and water on one place? U say Yazid was innocent in the event of Karbala. If one accepts it for the sake of argument? Answer few questions?

1. Why history is not showing yazid doing something against it, e.g. why did not he send his troops to save Imam Husain? As a matter of fact he was that ruler who attached Kaaba and violated the holy sharia given to us by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
2. Even if u thinks he is innocent then why the daughters and family of the Prophet were paraded in front of Kufa and Syria without veil? Why were they kept as prisoners? Why 6 years old daughter of Imam Hussain died in Syrian prison.
3. if that is not enough just answer one question, if u think Mr Yazid (LA) was such a blessing for the ummah and such a powerful caliph ( who couldnot even stop the illigal killing of Prophet Family) then why did not he punished the killers of Imam Hussain (As)? As history is the best teachers for those who want to take leason from it we see Hazrat Muktar in a revolt and punishing the killers of Imam Hussain (as).

i am surprised to see the level of islam and faith in u. When some notable sahabas according to u give birth to sons like umar bin saad and yazid bin muawiya, u still believe them as righteous. One is forced to think what the hell have they learned from the Holy Prophet and what the hell they have given to their notorious sons which then did such miserable acts. It is height of ignorance when u leave son of prophet for sons of sahabas. When u just to justify ur weak case make false accusation against family of prophet. How come laeen like Yazid be called R.A.