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Thread: Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Komal and son swayam reshammiya

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    Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Komal and son swayam reshammiya

    Himesh Reshammiya has kept his wife Komal under wraps all this while. Here's a first jhalak of Mrs Reshammiya...

    Finally, we know what Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Komal looks like. Extremely low-profile and avoiding photogs.

    Komal was part of the audience at the silver jubilee celebrations of Utpal Shanghvi School held at the Andheri Sports Complex on Saturday. The couple’s son Swayam studies at the Juhu school.

    Reshammiya was to take centrestage at his son’s school’s 25 years celebrations free of cost. “Children are my biggest fans and I am doing this for their love,” he said.

    The event had father and son performing. This meant Komal would definitely be in the audience and that’s how these pictures were possible.

    Bless Swayam, says Himesh

    In a parting shot, Himesh surprised everyone at the end of the show by asking his son to join him on stage.

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    hmm wana c what his son would be like

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    Father & son same same,,,,

    Good to see

    Nice post

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