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Thread: Tafseer ul Quran by Ibn Kathir (10 Vol. Set)

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    [B]The Best Tafseer of the Glorious Quran you can find is Tafseer Ibn Kathir.

    This is very useful for understanding the Quran !

    All Volumes compiled in one E-Book !
    Direct Download
    English & Arabic
    Only English

    Please pass to others and distribute the knowledge !
    Allah will reward you Insha-Allah !

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    MASHALLAH beautiful shairing JAZAKALLAH

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    mashaALLAH instant .chm format...and downloaded within 4 min...its lovely...jazakALLAH alf khair...

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    As salam alaikum...
    I cant find any link to download... do I have to post at least 10 posts.. is that a hurdle ?

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    k.. I was able to download it... jazakumullahu Khairan. May Allah reward u for this...

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    As'slamualaykum ...Jazakumullaho kherun Kaseera-----Ameen
    Here are other links Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer URDU Download in PDF Format
    Volume 001
    Volume 002
    Volume 003
    Volume 004

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    I'm really very thnaknful to you to make me download this noble tafseer. One of the most loving thing in this is that this is an Urdu version.

    JazakaAllahhu Khair

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    Ameen...Request to remember me in your pray!

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