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Thread: Congratulations Rahen, Khawab, Zohaib1, Endurer

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    Good day friends

    We at the administration would like to congratulate Rahen, Khawab, Zohaib1, and Endurer for their outstanding contributions in our desi community. In order to honor them, we have decided to hand out the prestigious awards tonight.

    Ambassador Of DesiTwist: RAHEN
    Given in honor of those who represent DesiTwist in the world outside.

    Best blogger of the year: Endurer
    Honoring the best blogger of DesiTwist's blogosphere

    Profile of the month: Khawab
    Honoring the most coolest profile maintained by a user; because modesty isn't always the best policy.

    Poet of the month: Zohaib1
    Honoring the contributions in DesiTwist's poetry section.

    You may view the awards in their respective profiles or by visiting the awards section: Desi Forums - Awards

    Once again, heartly congratulations to the aforementioned members. We look forward to having more of your contributions at DesiTwist.


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    Thank you ...thank you so much..for considering me for this...thanks...

    and yah shouldnot be missing the moment to Congratulate brother Endurer, khawab and zohaib for these rewards...v.welldone..keep it up...:up;

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    congradulations to all of u on geting what u really deserve
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    Congratulations :clapping;

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    Thank you Thank you for all those who voted, those who visited, and those who commented at my blog. Although blogging has become more of an industry and readers expect a lot from you, I like to think of my blog as a drawing board. I am not a good painter, I must admit.

    Congratulations to all those above, you really deserve to be appreciated. Rahen sis, I have a lot of respect for you and it's just not because of what you do here -- you're a great human being and I enjoy your company. Khawab jee, chamka k rakho ab aap apna profile nice work Congratulations Zohaib1! I like your contribution in the original poetry section.
    Dream, I do.

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    Thank you very much, for everything, and Thanks to everyone for recognizing and honoring my contributions towards DESITWIST. I humbly thnx everyone for that.

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    Rahen Sis ..

    Khawab Sis ..

    Zohaib Brother ..


    Endurer Brother ..
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    Congrates Rahen Khwab Zohaib And Endurer

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