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Thread: Hair care Tips

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    Hair care,you must care your hair use a natural things for a hair and take a healthy food for hair and use a henna,curd,egg for a hair this things a best for a hair and do massage with hair daily before a wash your hair and you use a coconut oil or almond oil for a massage,use a one product for a hair never change a product.

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    Really nice post. The information given by you is really useful. Here I am also tips hairs:
    1. Drink plenty of water. 12 glass of waters a day.
    2. Take good diet. It must include healthy and nutritious food like green vegetables, fruits like apple, orange and papayas.
    3. Do not use many products. Use only herbals products for the hairs.
    4. Wash hair properly and regularly.
    I hope these tips will give shining to hair.

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    These hair care tips given by you is really nice, as I think that hair are one of the important part of our body, so we should take proper care of our hair, try to wash your hair twice in a week, always use a herbal shampoo, and do not wash dry hair, always try to apply oil and after wash them, and also try to give proper conditioner to your hair.

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    Wow! Great thread Jharna!! Well done!
    It covers everything about hair. Thank a lot buddy.

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    I like your post about hair care tips it is very helpful and interesting for every one. Here i am sharing some of my thought about hair care tips.

    * You can rub lemon on your scalp or apply coconut oil mixed with camphor ingredients or use gooseberry oil to get rid off the dandruff.
    * During the summer our scalp becomes dry. Our hair loses the moisture & becomes fragile & breaks.
    * Long hair need extra care. Do wear a scarf, hat or take an umbrella while going out. This will protect your hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun.
    * The hot wind blows causes the dust problem & produces dandruff. A regular head bath with cold water, removes the accumulated dust.

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    My hair is a combination of both dry and oily, because after washing my hair look very dry, but after an hour or two, looks very silky. In winter, the process of drying the hair and the damage is greater. But after a day she was so fat at any time of year that I had to shampoo your hair after two days and it is very difficult for me in the winter. I will try your advice for my hair hopes his work in my hair.

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    Hair care,you must care your hair,using a natural things for a hair like a henna,egg,curd,aloe-Vera for a hair and also do deep massage with oil regular and do deep conditioning this a best for a hair and use a coconut oil ,almond oil for a hair and take a healthy food that contain a more vitamin this a best for a hair,after hair bath try not to use comb directly,Hair is delicate and needs good care.

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    Most shampoos contain high levels of silicone, which can coat the shaft of the hair, weigh it down, and create more lifeless hair that lacks lustre. It is preferable to purchase a shampoo that contains more natural ingredients. The chemical composition of your chosen shampoo should be designed to volumize one's hair, as well as to protect it from heat. The shampoo that one chooses should also be compatible with your scalp.

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    For Dry hairs you should take a cup of coconut milk and add two tablespoons of chickpea flour or one teaspoon of Shikakai. Apply to your scalp and hair and massage gently. Rinse after five minutes. Follow this recipe at least once a week. This is very effective for dry hairs.

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    Nice information given by all of you. i want to add some of my hair care tips here and i am sure that all of you will like it.

    * Egg yolks soften the hair by adding beneficial proteins and vitamins like vitamin B5 which helps prevent hair loss
    * Try to avoid daily washing. The sebaceous glands are overstimulated, secreting more grease onto the hair.
    * Adding one to a few tablespoons of oil to your shampoo lets you have the best of both world
    * Castor oil is practically odorless and has been known to soften skin and hair.

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