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Thread: Hair care Tips

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    Hair care Tips

    1. Never wash your hair with very hot or very cold water.
    2. Massage hair with warm coconut oil an hour before washing.
    3. Soak a handful of gooseberries in a cup of milk for two hours.
    4. Brush your hair regularly before going to bed each night.
    5. Take a calcium supplement or drink two glasses of milk a day.

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    As per my opinion, If you are looking for a less expensive anti-frizz product then you may want to try pure coconut oil. In addition to using an anti-frizz serum you may also want to use a curl definer. There are lots of hair products are available in market. So you can use a best shampoo and conditioner.

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    Hair care tips Concentrate On a balanced diet. Cleansing your Hair regularly basis. Use coconut oil. Use natural conditioners. Avoid tight hairstyles such as dreadlocks or braiding
    Avoid excessive use of hair products. Frequently bleaching, dyeing, perming, straightening the hair. Get a hair massage once or twice a week.

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    Avoid application hair administration articles with alcohol which dries out hair.Hot air can be damaging to your hair so if application a hair dryer use the cool setting.Avoid puting hair administration products anon on your scalp, if you put it on your attic you'll clog the pores on your head.

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    Always keep habit of covering your hair with scarf before direct sun exposure. Massage your hair with warm coconut hair oil before washing your hair. Avoid combing in wet hair. Use mild shampoo instead of soaps.

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