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Thread: Missing You Mummy

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    when you all like it it gives me immense satisfaction too.Thanks to you all

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    nice sharing heman.
    Indeed there is no touch like a mother's and there is no love like a mother's to a child - a bond that's probably the most precious in the world. Appreciate your sharing and definitely a well written Keep it up.
    take life as it comes

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    m speechless :-s.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    love you mummy. :heart;

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    only relation which is nt mean in any way...the only purest realtion in this world..where there is no give 'n' take.

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    Well said sis..

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    yes since God could not be everywhere He created mothers

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    heman app konse religion pe believe kerte hain?

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    i am a hindu so i believe in hinduism

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    Hmm. ok

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    so touchinng sach mai rula dia...

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