A Mother's touch, a Mummy's Kiss,
A grieving Son You are greatly missed.
An empty house, An empty chair,A mothers love, No longer there.A broken heart, Tear filled eye,Another soul to fill the sky.Many memories in my mind,Some I laugh, Some I cry.The times we shared, The laughs we had,Things I miss when I think of you Mummy.Realizing that's all I have to hold on too,Only memories, Of what once was you.Missing your laugh, I will never again hear.That is the reality that fills me with so much fear.No more smile on your face,No more warmth of your embraceThe last hug, The last kiss,The last "goodbye" leaves me with one last wish...To have you Mummy, here today,Never to leave your Son this way.A Mother's touch, A Mummy's kiss,A grieving Son, YOU'RE GREATLY MISSED