This beginning will have no end
It will reach beyond the infinity
Time will come to a standstill
to rejoice this era of you and me

Its the start of of an immortal love
a journey to the rims of forever
Till the end of time and beyond
is a promise, we'll remain together

The reason for my love shall be your love
Like the tears i shed in your pain
The reason for my smile within your smile
Like your blood that flows in my vein.

The feelings we share will be timeless
never fade or wither through the seasons
these emotions, they will never change
strong as ever, stronger than any reasons

This love, it will have a new meaning
as it resonates, soundly in our hearts
the heartbeats, they will have a new life
as they pulsate, dancing in our hearts

Its the celebration of things yet to come
the end of things that will never be
the start of something that will be endless
the beginning of you and me