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Thread: Potato Cutlets with Green Chutney

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 381420
    rahen friend
    any substitute for egg
    i am a vege
    dip the cutlets in a mixture of corn starch and water and then into the bread crumbs..

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    sorry dsjeya...i didnot saw your post..when you made it ...i saw it today...yes in will be helpful...

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    wow yummy recipes Rahen thx for sharing,

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    most welcome ...keep coming...

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    spicy Snack for Ramadan by chef Nadia

    Fried potato balls Ingredients:
    4-5 medium potatoes
    1 egg
    1 large brown onion
    3-4 long green chillies (optional)
    1 bunch of corriander
    chili powder
    Peel, chop and place potatoes in boiling water. Boil the potatoes until cooked.
    In the meantime dice the onion and finely chop the chilies and corriander.
    When potatoes are ready mash and mix in the onions, chili and corrainder. Add salt to taste and a sprinkle of chili powder.
    Make balls out of the potatoe mix and roll in flour.
    Beat the egg and put aside
    Heat oil in a pan and when ready to fry dip the balls in to the egg mix before frying.
    Serve hot!

    The non veg option is to fry up some mince meat and place in the middle of every potato ball.

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    why all the topics are too old ?

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    does that matter???btw welcome to desitwist.

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    That is so yummy.
    I like any item of potatoes.Please share more such recipes for potatoes.
    Thank you so much for this one..

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    very yummy n tasty...n if u add 1 tsp of honey with green chatny it tastes 2 good....

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