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Thread: Potato Cutlets with Green Chutney

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    Assalam aleikum,
    waz abt to make potato cutlets and a search in google brought me to this awesome recipe...its seems thought why not share it here here it is..try it and enjoy...:d

    Potato Cutlets

    These cutlets are soft in the center with a crisp coating and I love eating them the best,as an evening snack along with a cup of steaming hot tea!Here goes the recipe...


    Potato (boiled) = 4 big ones
    Onion = 1big
    Ginger (chopped) = 1tbsp
    Garlic (chopped) = 1tsp
    Thai red chilly = 1
    Cumin = 1tsp
    Coriander leaves (chopped) = 1tbsp
    Mint leaves (chopped) = 2tsp
    Red chilli powder = 1tsp
    Turmeric powder = 1/8tsp
    Garam masala powder = 1/2tsp
    Egg = 1


    Boil the potatoes,peel their skins and mash well
    Heat a tsp oil,saute the finely chopped onion,ginger,chilly and garlic,till onion turns translucent(Do not allow it to turn brown)
    To the potato mash add the sauted onion mix,coriander,mint leaves,red chilli powder,turmeric powder, garam masala powder,cumin seeds and salt

    Mix well,making sure to break any potato lumps to form a smooth mash

    Divide into small balls and shape it into either round or oval

    Beat an egg and coat the balls in it and roll it inthe breadcrumbs
    Deep fry till brown
    Drain on paper
    Serve hot with sauce or chutney

    P.S To make the cutlets more crispy,you can roll them in maida and then coat with beaten egg and breadcrumbs
    Once you mix the sauted onion mix to the potato mash,make the cutlets immediately orelse the onions tend to become soggy and makes rolling into a ball difficult


    The breadcrumbs I used here was made from dried burger bread.We can make breadcrumbs with any type of bread.All that we have to do is to allow the bread to dry naturally or just bake the bread until it becomes dry and then powder it.It is the breadcrumbs that gives the cutlet a crisp coating and is also partly responsible for the deep brown colour of the cutlets.

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    Now cutlets without here is the recipe of green chutney in 3 ways..for sure..i loved the first one...after all it is from my one of fav cooker.


    A green mint and coriander flavoured chutney which is great for sandwich spreads.
    Mint adds freshness to this chutney. The addition of lemon juice enhances the flavours of mint and coriander and prevent discoloration of the greens.
    Green chutney is probably the most favourite Indian accompaniment. Crispy samosas, dhoklas etc. are considered incomplete without this chutney.
    The chutney can be stored refrigerated for upto a week.

    Preparation Time : 10 mins.
    Cooking Time : Nil.

    Makes 1 cup.


    2 cups chopped mint leaves
    1 cup chopped coriander
    1 large onion, sliced
    juice of 1 to 2 lemons
    1 tablespoon sugar
    4 to 6 green chillies
    salt to taste

    1. Combine all the ingredients and grind to a smooth paste in a blender using very little water.
    2. Refrigerate and use as required.

    note: to me sugar is optional...i will not add sugar to it is not a pinch instead a tbsp..but i will surely add yoghurt to my requirement.

    Green chutney:
    Green coriander leaves 1 cup
    Green chilli 2
    1/4 inch
    Lemon juice 2 tbsp.
    Salt to taste
    1. Grind coriander leaves, ginger and green chilli together. 2. If the paste is too thick, add little water. 3. Then add lemon juice and salt. Mix well.

    Green Chutney:
    1 Cup Coriander Leaves, Cleaned and Chopped
    4 - 5 Green Chilies
    1 tsp Amchoor (Dry Mango) Powder
    Juice of ˝ Lemon
    Salt to taste
    METHOD :

    Grind all the ingredients together to a paste and store.

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    cutlets to mein bana leti hun per chatni ke sath nahein. ab yeh try karlungi kabi thanks

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    welcome here tulip...

    sure..and then do let me know...
    us din me ne try kia waz tasty...enjoyed that..
    me ne bhi pehle cutlets banaye hain...but i always look forward to new style...phir jo pasand aaya usse phir banate rehti hoon..and i liked this recipe...although i did add some my choice...

    thankyou for ur reputation...but wanted to say something for ur knowledge...if u like any post...then click on "I approve" and give the comment...and if u dont like a thread then click on "I disapprove" and give the comment..i m saying u all this because i received ur disapprove reputation...which i m sure is done by mistake or confusion...

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    Potato cutlets are my favourite :biggrin; Aur ache bhi bantey hein mein tomato ketchup k saath khati hun aksar.

    Thanks for sharing siso

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    Oh i am so sorry rahen i just wanted to appreciate your work :s thanks for telling me.

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    Fairy sis: yah the crisp in those makes it delightful with depends on taste...i like chilli tomato ketchup.welcome siso

    Tulip: aww its ok tulip..enjoy ur stay...

    Volvo: yah they are tasty..

    Noor: most welcome keep coming...

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    wow, thx

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