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Thread: An interview with Rahen appi - Spotlight member ;)

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    U r free to question me much as u want.....and thanks. :hug2;

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    great... :P

    Oh jaldi me i wrote a lil different .. :P I meant..

    What is your profession? Do you have any job? what are you studying and what do you wanna be in future?

    How does it feel when people disagree with you ??? how do you take it???
    (of course everybody has their own opinion) But when you know what you are saying makes sense as well as what others are saying... how do you handle that?

    Do you live adventures? for example, hiking, scuba diving, discovering new places etc.

    Have you travelled around in UAE???
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    i can also ask the host question? ...why did u put it like this in the start "great... :P"

    nop i dont have a profession at the moment...but if time wants...can surely go for i m not limited/reserved to one thing indicated for triple dosha ppl like me...i m studing BA in journalism...thoughts have improved lately...thats why future is yet to be predicted...

    i dont have to handle at all as i take care that i behave politely..its how they give response does the work...u know takes two to make/break a good discussion..if what they say is making sense to me...then for sure we are revolving around the same point in a different way or u will find me agreeing to them...

    i will love to live adventures..but none of my family member likes it when i nop..i dont do it...

    yah...i did visit almost all the 7 emirates...i love travelling.

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    great :P nice answers :P no you cannot ask the host hehe..'great means great na .. i liked your answers.. they interesting ..'

    Jourrnalism .. kewl .. i likey .. btw have you ever had a job?? like part time or full time for a while?? or any internships???

    Do you read horocope??? (not that you believe on it but do you read it once in a while)

    Internet is a major part of everyone lives these days .. what do you use internet for???

    Do people have to gain your trust .. or the other way around to be your friend?

    Do you like surprises?? unexpected guest? party? or a job coming along your way...

    Do you go out on friday or in weekend with friends?? Are you a social person in real life?

    gtg will ask more when i will come bk from my meeting.. Cya
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    asslam o alikum warehmatullah
    kia haal hain jee dekh k khushi hoi aap ko kia pochoon aap say hmmm sab pata hai lolzzz wessay itna sab bhe nahi pata acha wo bata dain jo mujhay nahi pata hmmm aap ko khanay main kia passand hai pehnanay main ..etc ore kuch take care n duaoon main yaad rakhye ga jo k aap rakhti ho.. wessay kia bat hai koi msgs nahi ho rahay in dino khaire tou hai na jee
    Allah azzwajal hafiz
    waslam o alikum warehamtullah

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    Replies to Nina's Questions

    chalo thanks:giveflower;...aagay dala tha na is liye poocha...

    - job- i hve given tuitions of kg , junior...and then for higher secondary students for acc, business math, physics and mathematics, i m my dad's accountant...and i dont remember more..

    - yes i read horoscope once in two/three i m not much interested...i like reading DT's horoscope here..that i find right...and i usually read the love section :romantic;from other site in the start of the year.

    - nowadays i use internet learning and sharing:type: purposes...but i m planning to use it on higher level and searching for guidance in that...but none have as far as i lets see..if i get it from any site...

    - nop...they have to be a good friend by being friendly :hug2;...and if we are meant to be frnds ...then we will be frnds...cause in the end of the matters how much willing one is...

    - i love surprises,
    i love parties if i m prepared ,
    i like unexpected guests when it is abt frnds...but when it comes family guests...then nop..i dont like...,
    yes i love to have job coming my way if i also get allowance...: D

    - before it waz that i used to go only on fridays...but now..i go out any day of the now both my brothers have license...zamana ho gaya doston k sath bahar nahi gayi...that is almost 6 months possibly...yes i m social person...hey my brother brought shatoot just now...wanna eat them...

    and thanks ..i m enjoying answering you......have a great day...and yes u can ask questions when ever u want...


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    Reply To Sonhal

    wa aleikum assalam wa rahmatuALLAH wa barakatuhu

    mujhe bhi bari khushi hoyi sonhal k tum ne yahan post kia..:hug2;aur sawal kia
    me aise thori bataongi...poochna parega mein mujhe less spice, original taste of the veg kaim rahe, aur ziada tar snacks, appetizers, and sweets pasand hai...yehi samajh lo...i love eating fruits more than all cooked food...pehenay mein...any style which covers me properly and within my rules of dressing...dress loving is not limited to one style.....yeh personal baatein hum personally kareinge there i will tell u the reason..filhaal me shatoot bhi kha rahi hoon sath mein..khaogi...

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    awwww wonderful answers btw sis shatoot kia hota hai? :S :$ me ko tau pata hi nai :$ hehe ..

    thanks for answer.. i just came to read ur answers.. i have an meeting to attend i will be back n den wil post questions

    Good day!
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    hehehe..yeah always sincere to ur work...i love this attitude in ppl too much..

    shatoot is rasberry...

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    mujhay pochna nahi na atta kia pochoon hmm hobbies kahan kahan jana passand hai kia kia karna passand hai
    shatoot ka mujhay pata tha lolzzz

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