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Thread: An interview with Rahen appi - Spotlight member ;)

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    kyun nahi aata...tumhe bahut kuch aata hai...just try a bit hard and have confidence...a question is a matter if it is a simple one...theek hai..
    jane mein mujhe almost sari jagah pasand hai..lekin seaview is my fav...natural beaty view mujhe acha lagta hai..karne mein mujhe bahut kuch pasand joining sports, humanity kids...and etc...lekin en mein se mein kuch nahi karti....achay thay rasberries..mujhe ache lage..they were green in color aur meethay thay...

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    :rolling;...aisa sirf meri frnd kar sakti hai......kyunki me bhi yehi karti...

    lekin me reply later i hve to be offline now...theek hai..tata

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    ooo that's great .. rasberries kaisi theen? ...

    1 - what would be the main reason that anyone would wish 2 be in a relationship with you'?

    2 - How did you decide to live where you do?

    3 - What lifestyle would you like to have?

    4 - How do you feel about your career?

    5 - Of what are you most proud in your life?

    6 - If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?

    7 - What do you do when you want to treat yourself well?

    8 - Do you like risks, or do you avoid them? What major risks have you taken in your life?

    9 - What are your weaknesses? How do you deal with them?

    10 - What are the most important aspects of your life?
    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    Reply to Sonhal

    thank GOD mujhe yehi sawal mile..

    I will want to join yoga to bring change in life

    yes i follow advices...there are many which are in action..two of them is never to delay asr and fajr prayer as that is the time when angels go to ALLAH to give the record...and second...try to know ppl with their intentions and then their actions...which isnot easy to do as majority of ppl leave on the other for mind reading..but still i try...

    hmm..difference between frndship and love -
    there are many...
    one of them is to hve frnd is the highest delight in life...but to hve love is to hve life which is worth living.

    i make my decisions on small things in life..but decisions that matter alot to me in life...are taken by my parents..i dont like taking advices until i dont ask for i m by nature free bird...i like to do things my way.

    my luck is written by ALLAH...ofcourse i also hve some share in it...but shukar al hamdALLAH i m not unhappy with luck as everything that happens in the life of mumin happens for a reason.

    taqdeer se ziada tadbeer par yakeen hai..kyunki taqdeer badal jati tadbeer se.

    i love to do hijab..and inshaALLAH will soon do it completely.

    i hve no likeness for salman khan...Sonhal tujhe pasand hai kia..:P

    yah i hve been yaara to two other places than UAE..Saudi Arabia for hajj and Pakistan for visit gayi thi..

    The only thing i like abt my country that it is my country...that is all...

    Answers to DT Related Questions

    Forum games, tutorial section(although i dont give this place much time) and DT Anonymous thing ...the urdu pad...complete profile options..and much more......

    i loved my work for almost all sections...on top comes tutorial section then sentiments express section and then forum games ...and then etc

    i spend almost 4 hrs in Dt nowadays it will be a bit less..i open at first is my pm and profile comments...when it comes to sections then it is not fixed as i open new threads first and then my threads.

    i would to go for all the member ...
    zindagi zinda dili ka naam hai
    murda dil kia khaak jia karte hain...

    i hve started seeing my mistakes now in that image..

    There are many threads i like and one of them is click and let me ask which one u like...

    i liked the image and more than that i liked ur willingness of asking me...

    i want to say to u...stay with me.

    ur autograph:
    khush raho abaad visro na yaad raho.....
    Walk with hope and widen ur heart to have space to love urself, respect ur self and directly loving and respecting others.
    May ALLAH always bless you aur jahan kadam rakho whan khair aur barkat ho..ameen suma ameen..E

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    Reply to Volvo:

    Thank you u have anything to ask...if u do ..sure ask.

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    Reply For Nina:

    1- I m an ordinary girl...there is nothing for which one might want to hve a relationship with me...its just that...ppl are meant to be together...but still if u want one i hve asked one of my frnd and she said because u r one in million..

    2- my life is not my parents decide and i m living...

    3- the kind of lifestyle i want is :shutup: can't tell...

    4- i m optimistic abt my future...lets see what happens...but if u see a lady after 7 yrs with five kids around then dont think its me...

    5- what to be proud of..what i have can be taken away..

    6- i will not get a new life hence no difference

    7- wao...that is a lovely question..i do many things to treat something which i hve never done...give gifts to my self, talk to my frnds...organize a party...and much more.

    8- i like to take risk...thats when i can bring difference in my life/cast...but i make sure...that no one else is included..but my life is so interconnected with heart bonding...that i hvenot fully taken the risk...

    9- I dont think i have a weakness...if u know then do let me know...

    10- the most important aspect of my life is Love, Faith and Learn.

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