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Thread: An interview with Rahen appi - Spotlight member ;)

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    Hiiiiiii ... Hmmmmmmm nice Q's Nina sis ... Gr8 Answers Rahen sis ... :thumbs:

    hmmmm ok mujhe sawal toh itna poochna nahi ata ... but nichoor nichoor ka in last sawal nikl aya mera khali dimag se ...:sun: U know my amer bhai used to call me Tube light ..

    OK let me start i hope all the Q's are suitble to you Sis ...:salute;

    What is your favorite perfume ..

    How you react when you are sad ...

    What Sunset and Sunrise means to you according to your thinking ...

    Agar aapko Thanks bolna hooo toh Sab se phela Thanks Kis ko bologi is duniya main ... aur kyun ..:givefl;

    What are the habits that you want to be in your partner life/friends ...:dticon_rolleyes:

    What dose a baby/child mean to you ...:1:

    What is the hobby you like and the others dont know about ...:lils;

    Did you liked the Arabians in UAE ... if yes why ??? if no why ???

    bas aaj kal liye itna hee kafi hai jiiiii ...

    Aapna khayal rakna ..

    Allah bless you ...

    TATA ...
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    asslam o aliku mwarehamtullah kai haal hain pochna hai k aap ka mood drunk q hai Allah kahire karay rahen jee drunk Allah muafi day lolzz
    acha sawal pochay ja rahay hain ab meray pochnay ki gunjaish he nahi rahi
    ok tc duaoon main yaad rakhye ga
    Allah hafiz
    wasalm o alikum warehamtullah

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    Reply to Ahssas

    Thank you so much ahssas for liking the replies in other words liking me...
    yah i remember he used to call you tube light...and i think he came yesterday online also... all the questions are not only suitable...but perfect to start with...

    What is your favorite perfume? My fav is Benafsich from rasasi and noora from hamarain.

    -When i m sad i indulge myself into doing some work or make anything different or response usually that time is quiet but it doesnot stay long as i can distract easily...coming all the way from sad to happy ..if one thing doesnot other things do..

    -sunrise and sunset are beautiful view which to me means rise of sun and set of sun...(just kidding )..i like watching both of them sunrise brings me new ray of hope giving me the message "new day has started lets bring a memorable difference, lets make a promise to self." and when i see sunset...i see usually its beauty, its movement...and sometimes it clicks if there is no hope life would be a darker place to live in...ahssas thoughts dont stop here...there are many..

    _well sisoo.i see this question in two ways..but as i know what u mean..i will say first thanks on this world to my parents for many reasons one of them is that they didnot leave me alone.

    _habits in life partner: ikhlaq mein sub se acha, religious, who wants me to stay with him :love: hand in hand when we go out, and short a human who is a great husband/life partner.
    habits in friends: frnds can be many what i want from them is to be yourself...and try to speak ur heart.

    _a baby child ..aww..lovely question..he means a blessing to me...a gift that is most beautiful in this world...ahssas kitna acha lagta hai na jab bache ka hath apne hath mein lo..and their so attractive mashaALLAH...i feel all smiling with this question..

    _i think i hve told all of my hobbies...

    - nice question, Yes, i like Arabs the reasons are many two of them are, i like when they do charity, and the other one is the constructive side they are bringing to their future.

    aap bhi apna bahut khayal rakhiyega...and take care..ALLAH hafiz..

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    Reply to Sonhal:

    wa aliekum assalam,
    hehehe..drunk is liye kyunki mein neend mein thi..aur mujhe samajh nahi aaraha tha kia karon...isliye mein dt mein aayi aur chali gayi.....lekin abhi changed hai..
    kyun sawalon ki gunjaish nahi hai...bahut hai...tum socho tau sahi..
    apna khayal rakhna bahut...ALLAH hafiz..

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    Wowwwwwwwww you are really birlliant ... Thanks for answering ...
    i hope you liked my Q's ... because i am from the people who asks bohut kam ...*_*

    Hmmmmm inshallah i will ask you more if my brain will work ...
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    ok yes ... you said that your thoughts dont stop about sunrise and sunset ...
    so tell me more if you wish ... because i like reading your answers so much ..
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    Oh thank you

    yah sis thoughts dont stop everytime there is a new feeling when i see it...although i dont see it daily....but it does bring an inspiration:idea: ...a feeling that ALLAH has his door for forgiveness opened...cause on the day of judgement the sun will not rise from east...i like the way the sun rise takes out the darkness and brings light bit by bit...and within some time its all luminating...etc

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    hmmmm good ... again good answer dear ... ^_^
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    ok let me ask you this Q:

    Agar koi Aapki tarah bana chahta hai .. Ya .. bana chahti hai So what you will advice

    him/her ...^_^

    Aur kya aapko bura lag ga ya acha lag ga ...^_^
    Ramadan Kareem to everyone ...

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    personally mujhe nahi lagta k aik insaan doosre insaan ki tarhan ban sakta all ways...if there are then i think they would be called something like soulmates...

    agar koi insaan meri tarhan banna chahe tau meri advice yehi hogi k give time to every relation u hve with GOD and ppl...let ur body language/dress speak abt ur self, always try to give best no matter if its just a small thing...treat ppl how u want to be other words follow empathy...if u like something compliment them...if u dont like something tell them in love in actions to kids...they deserve it...always try to learn things from ppl and caste...and listen to them...etc.
    nahi mujhe bura nahi lage ga...agar koi meri tarhan banna chahe...actually it will be know the differences then.....and to tell u the truth...i go great with ppl who have much in common with me...

    and thanks in advance...

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