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Thread: Happy Birthday Glimmering_Candle

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    Fatima Zahra

    Happy brithday to you..
    Happy Birthday to Dear Jaan
    Happy Birthday to You

    MAy u hve many more to come
    Enjoy ur birthday with full of love and happiness
    and may all your wishes come true

    Sending u sunshine of Birthday cheer
    With many good wishes to one who is dear
    Wishing u rainbows with color so bright
    Hoping this day for you will be filled with delight.

    Do let me know how u celebrated your birthday, and yes save my piece...

    ALLAH bless you
    keep smiling Always...:hug2;

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    wish you a happy birthday Glimmering_Candle
    u make me happy

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    Happy Birthday GC.

    May Allah bless you with everything you deserve, Amen.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday ...

    "The world and all the things in the world are precious but the most precious thing in the world is a Virtuous Woman."
    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    May u have many More :giveflower;

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    Happy Birthday too and may all your dreams come true.

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    Happy Birthday to u may Allah bless u with allPossible successand godhealtin coming life
    I M What i Call i m "i m Loaded hell"

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    Happy Birthday Sis :giveflower;
    Dream, I do.

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    I love birthdays and it's good to see someone actually celebrating or rather celebrated birthday.
    Happy Birthday Glimmering Candle (belated I guess):givefl;
    “Other than my own soul I never found a faithful friend, other than my own heart I never found a confidant.” - Zaheer-ud-din Muhammad Babar

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    Happy Belated Birthday Zara. :giveflower;
    Get off my back

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