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Thread: TASHAN (2008) Review

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    I rearly write reviews upon movies. But the reason I am writing a review on Tashan is because I have significantly different views then the majority of people, who have not let down in critisizing this star studed movie. I think this movie had all the elements to be great. People are critisizing its directions, and I think the directions of this movie were awesome, everything float together, the acting was good, and taking all the talent out of the great superstars is all Direction guys. Lets put it this way, this movie had the action of a Japanese movie, the performance of a Hollywood movie, and the romance and story from our very own Bollywood. I think people are judging it wrong because this movie is extremely unique for Desi audience. Emotions are the biggest stage most movies follow and also that most people want to see. And Kareena's serial killer thinking was definately not something we have ever seen in a girl, let alone lead girl of a movie. The second most image that is being critisize the most relating this movie is Kareena Kapoor.

    I think Kareena Kapoor looked magnificently awesome, her beauty and acting is a complete package. She is one of those people who has always been critisized but I think she has come a long way. From shadows of her sister, to exposing her body to make an image in this industry, to connection with a Khan, to winning both Starduxt and FilmFare actress of the year award, to people rushing to get a deal done with her. Just look at the pictures below and you will be able to view her hardwork.

    Kareena in Don

    Kareena in Tashan

    This is no joke guys, it comes from a many excersize, time, and emphasis she constantly put in making her look like a coke bottle.

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    Oh gosh I love her hairs. Imagine Kareena in a metal band. That would be so cool. I wish I have those kind of hairs.

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