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Thread: Your Favourite Mobile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawarkamal, post: 360693
    Ah ha thats great thanks for reply thats why all N series pricess going down and down.Let see may be saturday after getting salery i will take imate kJam set..very nice ,touchscreen...1gb external memory + accessories new.
    My pleasure.
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    - Prophet Muhmmad, Sal Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam

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    I Like my Nokia

    I love my Nokia, Its gud lookin and userfriendly. :yeah::cc_jockey:

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    Would you believe I am happy with my Samsung X210 !
    Its light, easy to handle & carry and costs very less.
    I have no plans to change it.

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    which nokia model u own... @dashing

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    Finally got my hands On Mighty Nokia N 96, but personally i didn't like it much!
    it have almost same specs what my Nokia 95 8GB have..So will be getting back to N 95 8Gb
    Elegant And the Best available Cell..
    You know What i Mean!

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    Valuable information.
    My god ?i pray u can give me some dofus kamas

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