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Thread: marriage of convenience

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    Sure. In the olden days marriages where arranged by the parents and I doubt that all of them were in love. I think as long as they honored and were faithful to their partner it was ok with God.

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    i think the only legal marriage is between a man and a woman

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    used to be
    times r changing
    u make me happy

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    i dont think so

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    Heman they are changing.
    There's nothing wrong with gay marriage. My parents would happily have me married to a gay guy than have a deceitful marriage with a lesbian. No sense in having that kind of marriage.

    Most gays and lesbians here wrongly think that they won't be accepted. They're too scared to come out to their families and end up in these marriages with no sense at all.
    Our parents love us unconditionally. We are not living in the middle ages. They will accept us.
    If for example they don't, then they can go to hell cuz it isn't our fault that we're gay. We didn't have a choice in it. If they can't accept us like we truly are, they don't love us. And no need to live a life of a deceitful marriage with a lesbian to keep someone, who can't even accept us, happy.


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    Sure. In the Olden days where I fell in love with them all, marriage, and I do not think that organized by the parents. I think with God for the faithful, as long as they honor and partners, OK.

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