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Thread: marriage of convenience

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    a new type of marriage where the gent is a gay,and the girl a lesbian ,they marry just to deceive their parents ,agreeing to follow their own sexual behaviour,it is becoming vogue among the indian high class.sociologists say it is better than arranged marriages where one innocent person also suffers.
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    Well it's a win-win situation for them so good luck with the deception.
    Dream, I do.

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    for society more peace ???
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    hmm..i wonder how long will their deceive last...ready made agreement is done now...what abt 10 yrs later..hmm..but if they hve thought abt this..they must hve thought abt future also..
    and dsjeya what do u think abt this "sociologists say it is better than arranged marriages where one innocent person also suffers."

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    see due to parental pressure the girl or boy agrees for marriage,a third party becomes groom or bride
    and sexual satisfaction for both ???
    sociologist s say it is unfair for the third person is it not ?
    rahen what do you say
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    it is unfair for the third person and for their parents also..

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    if you are bent upon walking a suicidal path do it,at least leave innocents
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    A better option would be to come clean and marry a gay or lesbian partner, don't you think? Of course parents consent should come in between.
    Dream, I do.

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    do you think parents in the subcontinent approve such marriage
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    I thought it was decriminalized in the world's biggest pseudo-democracy?
    Dream, I do.

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