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Thread: My Own Fashion Boutique

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    Wow U got sooo lovely earring:bg: where did u buy these from?

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    thank you :]

    I love earrings <3 since there basically the only jewelry that I can carry off..
    without it overtaking my

    But I find them at different fashion clothing stores

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    OH MY DAYZZZZZZZZ ! Entangle you have so beautiful earrings. awesome collection

    that means you're just like me .. you just like long/new fashioned earrings . i just love long and new fashioned earrings and bracelette aswell

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    thanks :]

    i like chunky bracelets as well..but can't wear them - my wrist are TOO small - so not only do they not fit..but don't look right..
    I usually end up turning my long necklaces into bracelets when I feel like it

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    lol , yeah i do the same .. my wrists are like too thin/small but you know i buy those braceletts which are of elastics you know what i mean .. and also i take 5-6 bangles and turn them into bracletes .. lol

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    yeah...I do that too..but usually the ones I like are the ones w/o elastic bands
    I'm kinda over doing the whole wearing bangles..unless its with an Indian outfit..since I started doing that..way before it was fashionable to wear bangles with western clothes

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    Same here...i also love earrings:bg: i love more to have them than wearing it hahah...kidding

    I'll take more pics soooon:bg:

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