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Thread: harun yahaya

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    @ Veiled: there are many blogs like this. There are Neo-Salafis who talk against Dr Bilal Philips, Abu Usamah, Dr Farhat Hashmi etc. The fact is that we should not fall into traps. No scholar should be our hero. We take good knowledge and reject what is bad. We take good knowledge from Christians/Jews/Atheists and reject what is bad. Similarly, if Dr Bilal Philips etc has flaws, we ignore them and take from him what is good. Following the same line of thought, we take from Harun Yahya what is good and reject what is bad. Even if Harun Yahya has flaws, maybe he has asked Allah for forgiveness? Who knows? The person who wrote a blog article shows himself to be pure of any sin. I bet he has had his share of sins. We are all sinners. What matters is our devotion towards the truth and our acknowledgment of the past mistakes we have done. That blog seems to be full of backbiting, slandering, blaming and lies. Do not listen to people. Listen to the speaker himself and take what si good and reject what is bad.
    Ma Salam.

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    @ Veil: I tried to read that blog further. I realized that it is written by an atheist evolutionist. I'll urge you to take caution while reading it. For example, that writer gives a link of a news which tells that German scientists have created organic molecules that replicate themselves. This shows that life came into being on its own. Keep in mind that "German Scientists" had to create the molecules, these molecules did not come into being on there own! This shows how bullcrap is evolution that "life emerged on its own."

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    thank you Salafi
    i do agree to you what you have just said , we must and we all need to take good points out , no matter what that person is personally is upto , good things can always be taken postively
    If Allah is with you, whom do you have to fear?
    If Allah is against you, what hope do you have?

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