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Thread: what woman really want

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulip, post: 366124
    Exactly, not all women are after money.
    Yeah, and those that don't need already have the dough.
    Dream, I do.

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    haha! Well maybe Mr. Endurer. But the point i was trying to make is, not every girl is like that, why don't guys look for the simple girls! Perhaps they don't find them attractive. Khud nakhre aur attitude dekh k peeche parte hein to phir sehne bhi wohi nakhre parenge, phir rote kyun hein? duniya mein har tarah k log hote hein, mere khayal se apne jesa koi aik insan dhoondhna itna mushkil nahi hai.

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    Every women has her own thinking, some wants rich guys and some wants satisfaction.

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    money does matters
    u make me happy

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