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Thread: women want men with small beard (stubble)

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    u r ruining my takeover

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    u do know we are spamming, and we are gonna be getting banned if we keep doing this. u should stop. It's for your own good

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    am not even posting everywhere jus on two topics
    k am gonna stop now

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    i don't think matters. u can't have random unrelated convos in a thread. atleast i dont think so

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    It think it all depends on Women's perception that what type of guy she preffered and how she want him to looks!

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    some suit the stubble. some suit the shaven all depends on the man and how he carries it off. i personally prefer either one..a man can have some stubble on his face and just have this presence to him..yet another can have the same thing..and have no presence to him

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    desi wants besat of boath
    u make me happy

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