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Thread: woman life very hard

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    morning washing clothes
    noon drying clothes
    evening ironing clothes
    night opening clothes
    midnight no clothes
    early morning searching for clothes
    u make me happy

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    now there is automatic machine for washing clothes although not everyone has it...ironing is yes time taking...and with it...hanging can be done too...not much tough as compared to in the past centuries.

    i think if life for woman is is for man too...working outside and dealing is not easy job either...and especially for labors.

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    oh! you have strted sympathesing with your would be rahen
    u make me happy

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    hehehe...he is not a labor...
    but yes i care..

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    woman are no longer held to just the household duties...
    but also the duties of the outside ie. workforce world

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    Poor creature! why can she do away with the clothes?(just joking).

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    i do like that way imi58
    u make me happy

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