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Thread: where do you like to holiday???

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    where do you like to have holidays in??
    mines might sound weird but pakistan is a place where i like for holidays
    theres something there that no other place has

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    i wanna go to the deserts for my holidays. I also wanna go to the North Pole. No, I want my holiday on Pluto, away from the hustle and bustle of this world :P. wishful thinking ...

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    I've a good few places, Lahore, Toronto, Jeddah, Nottingham and more places to come in the future hopefully hehe

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    i wanna check out all the neat stuff in dubai, although i dunno how the ppl are there. I wouldn't want to feel uncomfortable or restricted because of their culture.

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    I love to be with my friends & family in Pakistan & Also with someone i want to spent my time...There is lot of fun...


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    i wanna goto the Northern areas of PAKISTAN... the best place in the world...

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    woww..manchala ..what a shair..btw..welcome here.

    jahan seekhne , dekhne aur mehsoos karne k liye sub kuch different ho...nowadays not intouch with travelogue

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