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Thread: Diversity in relationships

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    *I meant strong not wrong opinions.

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    It's possible but I don't think diversity is their only option.
    Dream, I do.

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    without second thought i will go with diversity in relationship...but that doesnot has to be 100% there has to be something an example religion or culture...majority of the relationship i have come in this category we hve spent our "Time" on this...too much of communication and discussion...too much of opinions..and experience sharing..
    and this leads to a better decision...and a kind of upgrade to relationship...
    yes sometimes i follow what opinion they have..and sometimes my opinion is a better follow...and the whole experience is a cherishing one...

    if we have much sameness..why would i bother to ask instead i will go and do it...and to me that is boring for the relationship.. life has to be exciting ...every day should be promising and unexpected...and that is possible with diversity...i would appreciate sameness only in culture and religion...because they hold the backbone...with a bit of hobby and language ofcourse

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    It boils down to how much change you can take in the long term. Life itself has it's fair share of unbearable changes to offer so I don't think we can receive and endure it from all ends. I like change in taste, color, view, place, food et al but when it comes to someone I am going to spend the rest of my life with; NO! I don't need and I don't want her to be the complete opposite of me.
    Dream, I do.

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    balance is always the best option to take when both the sides have its pros and cons. life teaches a lot to everyone...and how much one learn/adapt her/him self to worth considering as everyone and everything has its impact...and according to that big steps in life are taken.

    writing abt self...i will go with sameness in religion and learner + implementing as a personality. for all else i will choose diversity as yes, it is right life has unbearable changes to offer...and if we both react/respond to it the same will we solve it? and what good would that do to our relationship?

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    Rahen, my friend, I guess you are just looking at the positive side of it. Yes, diversity can be very good in some cases but have you ever thought what if your partner likes going to discos while you completely hate it? what if he wants you to wear western clothes every time you go out with him while you don't like wearing such stuff? what if he annoys you by always telling you the right way (his way) of doing things? What if he don't even pay a little attention to things you love the most?
    Now tell me what good is this going to do for your relationship?

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    as i said i will appreciate sameness in religion and culture...and before marriage family and the guy is over looked.
    firstly my choice of guys wouldnot like to go to disco..and if he wants to go ...he will go not with me...but with his frnds.
    if he wants me to wear western clothes...we can discuss on that...his choices are not his last word...we can choose an alternative...some of western outfits are also good.
    his way of doing things...wouldnot annoy me..i will love to know and listen as if i actually dont know...and also because i want to keep listening to him while he shares his experience...even if it is silly.
    communication is the key...i will let him know what i feel and think...what i want and what are my plans...and he will listen that when spoken at the right time.
    with solving minor problems ...we actually get able to solve major problems in life.

    i understand what u mean by all those question...although i hve answered those..and to be true..that is not an issue for me...everything takes time and patience.. communication is the one stays the same for years except some habits.
    If i hve signed the papers of acceptance or in other words commitment...i will stay committed to that...until it is not an abuse as matches are made in heave..and tulip...our lives are revolving around our religion and culture and if we have this as common...more than half of the problems are already solved...nowadays there is cross culture marriages and there are also cross religion marriages...some are happy and some are not.

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    Rahen sis, you're not making sense.
    Dream, I do.

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    hmm...the summary is...60% of diversity and 40% of sameness (religion, culture) is good for the relationship...

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    What if you don't have a choice rahen?

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