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Thread: house work who cares

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    Gender bashing? YAY! We finally have something meaningful to do.
    Dream, I do.

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    thank you dsjeya, i know he is jus so lucky to have me lol
    friendlygyal you are so right, i agree with you totally!!
    endurer you got something to say against females??

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    thank u salma, and yea Bhai gender bashing will happen wit posts like these
    ~Ye Dard Ka Tufaan Guzra kyu nahi..Dil Toot Gayaa Hai To Bikhra kyu nahi..Ek Hi Shakhs Ko Chahta Hai kyu Itna..Koi Dusra Is Dil Me Utarta kyu nahi~

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    Na, I like to stay away from roleplaying.

    Carry on Yassi
    Dream, I do.

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    i just started the thred for discussion
    the husband also should share the house hold duties
    u make me happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 366414
    i just started the thred for discussion
    the husband also should share the house hold duties
    are u saying women belong in the kitchen? wow... just wow

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    i don't know about other countries
    in india both husband and wife work and earn
    so husband should help wife in household work
    u make me happy

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    i dint get what that mean

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    now women are enjoying tv and internet and other hobbies and pastime
    so you better share house work
    or suffer
    u make me happy

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    I will not saying that all women are same what my friend Dsjeya said but majority working womens are same ... when they came back from work they are acting like they did such a big or superior thing they are unique by doing this they forgets their responsbilities for the family, kitchen, cooking , usualy they come back and sleep , and when wakeup , watching Tv start and the childerens in this time do whatever they want , also sitting with their mother and watching TV , watching velgures DRAMAS , and learn lot of bad things which they are not suppose to learn at that age...even 4 & 5 year kid know after seeing These stupid Tv programs that , Boy , Girl , shadi , Bachay , and learn tha boys sees girls etc etc...

    MOral that they can't paying more attention to their family and the family related issues...

    i m talking generaly that mostly it happens same these days...i m clearly seeing this here in Saudia Arabia that lot of families from pakistan & india are heres and here life is very easy for womens only TV and i must say that the kids are not in the control of mothers & rude and this is all TV effect...

    And here is a natural talk not the gender fight...


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