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Thread: Ramadan 2008

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    welcome here pray for me that i be able to face all hurdles that comes across me...ameen suma ameen

    tulip: custard se mujhe trifle yaad u like trifle..i love that...

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    I love it too but there is a little problem, i have never tried making it :s Can you do me a favor and share its recipe here? I'll be grateful!

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    hmm..i hve already done it...but i will hve to search that...
    its like..making custard and jelly (any two flavours) separately, whipped cream(as required), fruit cocktail tin (as required), crushed almonds and pistachio with knife and cake as required.

    in serving bowl- first make a layer of cake then add some juice of cocktail(as required) or add milk then add custard...wait for some time then add jelly of two kinds with addition of fruits from cocktail then again make layer of custard and then again jelly in small pieces...then make a layer of cream and on top of that add crushed nuts...

    its done....ask if u have any questions

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    is wahan ramadan sharef shuru ho geya?
    Dream, I do.

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    yah brother is the first of ramadan here...
    happy Ramadan mubarak...
    what abt at ur side?

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    Thanks a ton Rahen :giveflower;

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    Well i tried it yesterday rahen, ziada acha nai bana. I guess ek do bar aur banana parega sahi ban jae tab shayd..

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    yeah..practice makes the lady perfect..btw...weldone

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    Hope so
    welcome back rahen, how r u? How was exam? I missed you and coming back to the topic how is ramzan going along?

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    aw...thank you so much....missed u too...i m glad i could find you here...
    so is life going on after ramadan...

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