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Thread: Dates for Ramadan

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    A large number of date cultivars are grown. The most important are:

    • Aabel - common in Libya
    • Ajwah - from the town of ‘Ajwah in Saudi Arabia, it is the subject of a famous hadith of the prophet Muhammad.
    • Al-Barakah - from Saudi Arabia
    • Amir Hajj or 'Amer Hajj' - from Iraq, these are soft with a thin skin and thick flesh, sometimes called "the visitor's date" because it is a delicacy served to guests.
    • 'Abid Rahim (Arabic: ??? ?????), from Sudan
    • Barakawi (Arabic: ???????), from Sudan
    • Barhee or (barhi) (from Arabic barh, a hot wind) - these are nearly cylindrical, light amber to dark brown when ripe; soft, with thick flesh and rich flavour. One of the few varieties which are good in the khalal stage when they are yellow (like a fresh grape as opposed to dry, like a raisin).
    • Bireir (Arabic: ?????) - from Sudan
    • Deglet Noor (Arabic: 'translucent' or 'date of light') - so named because the centre appears light or golden when held up to the sun. This is a leading date in Algeria, the USA, and Tunisia, and in the latter country it is grown in inland oases and is the chief export cultivar. It is semi-dry and not very sweet.
    • Derrie or 'Dayri' (the 'Monastery' date) - from southern Iraq - these are long, slender, nearly black, and soft.
    • Empress - developed by the Deval Family in Indio California USA from a seedling of 'Deglet Noor'. It is larger than 'Deglet Noor', somewhat softer and sweeter. It generally has a light tan top half and brown bottom half.
    • Ftimi or 'Alligue' - these are grown in inland oases of Tunisia.
    • Holwah (Halawi) (Arabic: 'sweet') - these are soft, and extremely sweet, small to medium in size.
    • Haleema - in Hoon, Libya (Haleema is a woman's name)
    • Hayany - from Egypt (Hayani) (Hayany is a man's name) - these dates are dark-red to nearly black and soft.
    • Iteema - common in Algeria
    • Kajur - common in Pakistan / India
    • Kenta - common in Tunisia
    • Khadrawy (Arabic: 'green') - a cultivar favoured by many Arabs, it is a soft, very dark date.
    • Khalasah (Arabic: 'quintessence') - one of the most famous palm cultivars in Saudi Arabia, famous for its sweetness level that is not high nor low, thus, suits most people. Its fruit is called 'Khlas'. Its famous place is 'Huffuf' (Al-Ahsa) in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (Al-Sharqheyah).
    • Khastawi (Khusatawi, Kustawy) - this is the leading soft date in Iraq; it is syrupy and small in size, prized for dessert.
    • Maktoom (Arabic: 'hidden') - this is a large, red-brown, thick-skinned, soft, medium-sweet date.
    • Manakbir - a large fruit which ripens early.
    • Medjool or (Mujhoolah) (Arabic: 'unknown') - from Morocco, also grown in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel; a large, sweet and succulent date. It is named unknown because who owned it at first didn't know its specie and thus called it unknown.
    • Migraf (Mejraf) - very popular in Southern Yemen, these are large, golden-amber dates.
    • Mgmaget Ayuob - from Hoon, Libya
    • Mishriq (Arabic: 'East' - ????)? - from Sudan and Saudi Arabia
    • Nabtat-seyf - in Saudi Arabia.
    • Rotab - from Iran, they are dark and soft.
    • Sag‘ai - from Saudi Arabia.
    • Saidy (Saidi) - soft, very sweet, these are popular in Libya.
    • Sayer (Sayir) (Arabic: 'common') - these dates are dark orange-brown, of medium size, soft and syrupy.
    • Sekkeri - (lit. sugary) Dark brown skin; distinctly sweet and soft flesh, from Saudi Arabia.
    • Sellaj - in Saudi Arabia.
    • Tagyat - common in Libya.
    • Tamej - in Libya.
    • Thoory (Thuri) - popular in Algeria, this dry date is brown-red when cured with a bluish bloom and very wrinkled skin. Its flesh is sometimes hard and brittle but the flavour described as sweet and nutty.
    • Umeljwary - in Libya.
    • Umelkhashab - Brilliant red skin; bittersweet, hard white flesh (Saudi Arabia).
    • Zahidi (Arabic: '[Of the] ascetic') - these medium size, cylindrical, light golden-brown semi-dry dates are very sugary, and sold as soft, medium-hard and hard.

    Which one's your favorite?
    Dream, I do.

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    i love ajwah...but i usually eat kajur...thats common here...
    what abt you?

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    Thanks for the great info. I have eaten kajur all my life so I don't know about the others but I like it in all forms

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    yeah dates in any form is good and no doubt tasty...including chuwaray...
    here we see coconut crushes, honey, dry fruits, also in a decor for dates

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    yum great, i also like chuwaras

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    mujhe aise he ache lagte hain...lekin jab sheer kurma mein par jayen tau ajeeb lagte hain...

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