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Thread: Tips For Healthy Nails

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    lemon juice and jelly is truly a great source for white nails...but as dsjeya said..nutrition matters...hence take enough calcium and phosphorus after consulting with your doc...

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    thank u friend rahen
    u make me happy

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    Great thread. great tips for Healthy Nails. its really important. Thanks for sharing here.

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    My natural nails turn very white when they grow past the end of my finger - not beige or cream, but white. My sister said she heard that nail tips are supposed to be clear, and that white tips are a sign of an unhealthy nail. I cannot find anything online to back up what she's saying. Does anyone know for sure?

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    They should be white.. but can be a little transparent as well..
    I wouldn't worry.. your nails seem healthy if they grow longish.. and don't bend too easily...But remember calcium is what keeps your nails.. bones and teeth strong.

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    Nails make it easier to pick up small things, clean a frying pan, and scratch an itch. They also provide an external sign of your health. It is important to include certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your daily diet to ensure that your nails remain healthy and look beautiful. Wear rubber gloves whenever you do housework or wash dishes. Iron is necessary for healthy nails. Add a glass of milk and a hard-boiled egg to your daily diet it will do wonders for your nails. If you prefer color, use a base coat, two thin coats of colour, and a top coat.

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    Tips for a healthy nail,Eat protein rich food for white bands across the nails,Add shine to your nails by massaging coconut oil or warm castor oil on to them,If your nails are sensitive and fragile taking supplements like zinc and Vitamin B can add to the overall health of your nails.

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    nothing to wory,check your heamoglobin level(hb)
    u make me happy

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    I agree with dsjeya too as if there is no proper nutrition then all comes to waste

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