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Thread: Meaning of Love & Like

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    Every one in this world have there own feeling and thinking.
    According to me

    like = when people agree with one another.
    love = when u care about another person.

    May be i am wrong.
    But it's very simple because you like only those people who have some special thing.
    Just like his way of talking is very good.
    he respects other that's way to like him/her.

    But in case of love you can't describe it "why you love him/her?"

    Because if you reply i love him because his/her face or body or some thing else is beautiful.

    That's not love that's greed because love is a feeling you can't describe it in words.

    It's my opinion
    now I'll wait for your opinion

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    love = when u care about another person.

    with this i m agreed ,

    Because in love u cares for someone more than ur life...

    Thanks for shairing ..NIce

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    Brother what about like?
    u don't agree with that definition?

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