Over 20,000 Iranian students have called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to investigate the situation of Palestinian children.

"We have read in books that all humans are equal and have the right to live and that people should love each other," the students said in their letter, a Persian-language copy of which was obtained by Press TV on Sunday.

"Although we have also read that war, bloodshed and violence are forbidden, these days while watching TV we see that the children of Gaza do not laugh, do not go to school, do not have homes and are hungry and live far from their parents."

Despite efforts by the United Nations in condemnation of crimes Israel committed by against the Palestinian nation, all resolutions brought against Tel Aviv have been blocked.

The US, Israel's number one ally, has exercised its veto powers to prevent the adoption of 42 anti-Israel resolutions sought by the UN Security Council since 1972.

After declaring the Gaza Strip "a hostile entity" in September 2007, Israel limited travel into the region and cut fuel and electricity supplies. Israeli miiltary attacks on Gaza have resulted in the deaths of large numbers of civilians.

[IMG] Relatives of Na'el al-Kurdi, 21, look at his body in Gaza after he was denied exit for cancer treatment According to a report by the Physicians for Human Rights-Israel titled Holding Health to Ransom, Israel also prohibits chronically ill and terminal patients from leaving Gaza to receive medical treatment unless they agree to spy on their relatives.

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem has also reported that Tel Aviv forces members of Palestinian families to live apart, puts thousands at risk of expulsion to the Gaza Strip and turns Palestinians into 'illegal aliens' in their own homes.

There have been reports that a large number of Palestinian children have also fallen victim to the Israeli segregation campaign and have been taken from the West Bank to live alone in Gaza.

Despite the various Israeli measures to impose collective punishment on Palestinians, Washington has vetoed three resolutions since 2004 - which called for Tel Aviv to halt its operations in the Gaza Strip.

[IMG] 10yr-old Palestinian girl Hiba Assaliya was wounded when Israel shelled Gaza's Jabalia refugee camp on June 11 In their letter to the UN secretary general, the Iranian students said they are "grief-stricken" over the inability of Palestinian children to live in peace.

"Our dear friends are being killed; we cannot remain calm, study our lessons and play games while witnessing the condition of children in Gaza," the letter reads.

The Iranian children posed a simple question:

"What can be done to stop the killing and the war and bloodshed?"

Source: Press TV