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Thread: Homemade Hair Care Tips

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    Homemade Hair Care Tips

    Want to soften hair and leave it shiny? Then mayonnaise is the conditioning condiment for you. Comb just enough mayo through your hair to coat it lightly. Then leave on for 30 minutes before shampooing out per normal. For a deeper conditioning treatment, place a shower cap on top of your mayo-coated locks and leave on for longer (even overnight if you’re feeling extra dry). Other interesting uses? Next time you get gum stuck in your hair, rub Mayo in until the gum dissolves right out

    Used for centuries as health tonic, this tasty, tangy acid can help remove residue that dulls your hair. Add about a tablespoon of vinegar to your hair as you rinse it. And if you have an itchy scalp or dandruff, try massaging full-strength apple cider vinegar into your scalp before shampooing. In addition to adding shine to your hair, vinegar is also known for its skin healing properties.

    Finally! A way to benefit from eggs' natural proteins without the cholesterol! Crack a few eggs and beat together in bowl. After shampooing, massage through your hair and leave on before rinsing out thoroughly. This treatment should help repair or strengthen your hair follicles -- leading to silkier locks with good body. Alternate ideas include whisking one egg yolk together with a dash of olive oil and 3/4 cups warm water.

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    good tips rahen, thank you

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    great tips and I'd love to do them...but waiting..aaah I have little patience at this stuff..nor would I just be able to stand around while I wait to rinse my hair

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    Exactly .. I love checkin out all these tips and i have a collection but i just dont have the patience to try 'em..

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    with so many brands in supermarket...this is in a rare use in cities... you know which yoga posture is used for youthful look like hema malini and rekha?

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    nice and very easy tipsss

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    nice and very easy tipsss

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    thnks for the tips rahen...

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