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Thread: dsjeya leaving

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    'thank god' dtians
    don't be too pleased,i am leaving for singapore and malaysia on a sight seeing tour,iwill be back on 17th.i will miss you birthday is on 14/11 my 60th.bye !Bye!:cc_surrender:
    u make me happy

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    Enjoy ur self... Bye

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    Oh, I thought you were leaving us :s am glad to know that you are just going on vacations Dsjeya Have a safe journey and enjoy your trip.
    Wish you a Happy Birthday in advance May God bless you.

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    waoo..trip to singapore and malaysia...both are islands..lovely...wish u all the best to enjoy your trip with your friends...yeah your bday is approaching...
    i m also leaving for Pakistan on 16th of this month...will be back by feb inshaALLAH...

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    i am back,
    thank u wicked,tulip and rahen friends
    u make me happy

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    Welcome back Dsjeya, how was your trip?

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    really superb.but expensive
    do visit malaysia ,singapore and thailand
    u make me happy

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    Insha Allah i'll. whenever my husband took me there. I hope your wife had fun too ...

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    i went there with my friends
    don't stare like that
    my second daughter delivered a female baby just 7 days before the tour
    and she did allow her mother
    friend tulip
    u make me happy

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    ok dsjeya, i got it

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