Israeli Authorities Blackmail Palestinian Patients Date : 11/11/2008 Time : 17:13

GAZA, November 11, 2008 (WAFA)- Al-Meezan Human Rights Center denounced, Tuesday, the blackmailing policy followed by the Israeli Authorities, to make Palestinian patients in the Gaza Strip collaborate with them, in exchange for permissions to receive medical treatment outside the Strip.

The center said in a statement issued, Tuesday, that Khaled Abu Shmaleh 38, died because he was not allowed to exit the Gaza Strip for treatment after having refused to collaborate.

The center explained that this is not the only case of this kind, and demanded the international community to be up to their responsibility towards Palestinian citizens, and to help end the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The center pointed that more than thirty Palestinian patients were not allowed to exit the Strip because they refused to provide information about Palestinians to the Israeli Authorities.