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Thread: tension head ache

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    before going to sleep
    just telax
    gently massaging the head and neck
    if very severe vicks and other pams can be tried
    paracetamal 650 mg one tablet may help
    hope u will be fine procelain doll
    u make me happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by porcelein_doll, post: 377038
    i m victom of this.i dont go for doctors.but my mom says i wakup all nite thats y u have headache.but its not the reason.but Dsjeya i dont understand few of remedies
    I dont think raat ko jaagnay se sir main dard hota hai, health pe affect zaroor padhta hai, lekin Alhamdulillah meray saath bohat kam esa hua... Few of my friends call me raaton ka raja ... meray liye raat din hai din raat. , aur pehle tou sirf 3 ghantay sota tha. :s

    I think there are more than 100+ kinda headaches.

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