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Thread: How to impress a girl

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    another one:rolling;
    r u guyz SERIOUSSS???:biggrin:

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    one of the few ways to impress a girl is to tell her what she wants to hear at the correct time and share the same understanding as her about things so that if she were to discuss somthing with you, you would be able to advise her or console her about whatever it is.

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    yep spot on but personality aswel

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOP3_L3SS, post: 377565
    another one:rolling;
    r u guyz SERIOUSSS???:biggrin:
    of course women...

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    Flash car, ca$h and aish.. and above all show her the picture she wants to c no matter if she is rite or wrong (usually girls are 99.9% wrong..:0)

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    little bit ash with the help of cash & just listen her , noT always agreed with her little argue ,girls are more senstive so becareful in conversation,and she must feel secure & happy with u...


    she is impressed & being with u she is enjoying,but still u dont have to think that she is ur girl friend,she is your friend yet & latter if u r lucky she must be urs..

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    You should honestly just be confident, be yourself and just go up to her one day, tell her you've seen her around and ask her if she would like to go for coffee or dinner sometime!

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