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Thread: How to impress a girl

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    Don't try to impress her, just be natural. Yes I know that is difficult if you are feeling nervous, but if you go to some extra trouble to look nice and neat and offer to assist her with stuff and get to know her perhaps she will see that you are interested and will open up a conversation where you both can get to know each other.

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    LOL. You guys are doing one hell of a job. I mean the kind of effort and energy you put into these posts should get you nominated for Researcher of the Year award. Here's a hint: Post a fresh article when you are at least 40% confident that you have figured girls out. Now should I check back in say about 100 years 'cause the task given to you will take at least that long and ....

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    Below way you can impress girl

    A good decent smile
    Be sensitive towards her
    Having the smarts really beneficial

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    One of the few ways to impress a girl is to tell her what she wants to hear at the correct time and share the same understanding as her about things so that if she were to discuss something with you, you would be able to advise her or console her about whatever it is.

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