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    afhan girl students of kandahar are back to school 2 months after series of acid attacks by talban kept them away from school.some girls are too afraid to tell their names.though the schools reopened the students,their parents and principal are on edge.let us all pray to god to save this innocent girls from further acid attacks by taliban cadres to safe guard islam:dots:
    u make me happy

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    Dsjeya read Islamonline, Presstv and BBC and CNN continuously u will come to know how to make hero into a villian and villian into a hero... Whoever r doing this wants to just malign Islam there is no doubt about it... If its taliban then they r really worse people.

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    But dsjeya do u know who supplied the arms and literature to taliban?

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    SIRSA: In a brazen act of violence, remniscient of the Shri Ram Sene goons in Mangalore, a man kicked and stamped his wife because she was
    dressed “as a man”.

    Adding insult to injury, the police promptly dispatched the battered woman, who suffered the ignominy in full public glare, to her in-laws house, terming it as a “family matter”. No case was filed.

    The shameful episode was played out in the Dabwali market on Monday when a 23-year-old jean-clad girl accompanied her parents on a shopping expedition. “She was accosted by her livid husband and beaten for ‘bringing a bad name to the family”.

    He kept screaming at her “Is this the way women from respectable families dress?” a shopkeeper, who witnessnessed the incident and helped rescue the girl, said. A PCR van which reached the spot, took the couple to the police station, he added.

    “We summoned the boy’s father and his relatives from nearby Bading Khera village and let them take the couple home on an assurance that there would be no more beatings. Besides, it is a family dispute and can be resolved by counselling the husband-wife duo who are graduates,” Joginder Singh, SHO, city police station at Dabwali, told TOI.

    However, the incident has sparked off a raging debate. Shreya, student of advertising, management and public relations department of Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar, claimed, “Dress has nothing to do with family repute or disrepute. Even boys wear earrings and keep flowing hair.”

    Striking a more strident note, Jagmati Sangwan, state president of All India Democratic Women’s Association, said, “The police ought to have booked the husband for assault and under the Domestic Violence Act.”

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