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    Hi All,
    Today on (24-Jan-2009), I visited one small hospital here in downtown. I saw one small 6-7 aged boy was sitting on his bed with no smile on his face. When I asked to doctor, I came know that he is suffering from dangerous disease called AIDS. This virus has been transfer to this boy by some media (I don’t know the media). But when I talked to boy, he simply said all with one line “I want to live one more time”. Name of that small boy is Joy. This small kid must be having lots of future planning, lots of expectation from life. Why should he suffer due to negligence of others? Why should he die, so painfully?
    I am trying to put his expectation in my words but the feeling remains Joy

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    it is touch my heart
    thank you v much
    that is so amazing

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    So touching..thanks for sharing it here with us Prakash.

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    Really Prakash no words for dis.jsz thanks 4 sharing

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    veryyyyyyyyyy nice

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