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Thread: Say Hello to CSS !!

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    Hello DTians,

    I have lost my hardisk to shortckt in one of the extention cables..i have lost the C lang data..putting things back...Meanwhile,lemme introduce you the next generation web designing...

    Folks,Say hello to CSS !

    Firstly ,what is CSS ?
    CSS is nothing but Cascading Style sheets.You should have got a slight idea seeing " Style sheets"..Yopys exactly your thoughts, CSS is used to display html,to store different kind of styles..

    Also it can save a lot of work.
    and the most important thing is the mutitasking feature i.e. multiple style things can be cascaded into one..

    to start with this tut youll need the basic knowledge of Html and Xhtml...

    More Later.

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    I see noone is following this..I feel sad..some inspiration people !!

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