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Thread: Driving Lessons

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    Hello Everyone,
    hope you all are doing fine...just thought :think3; of making you familiar with some car driving lesson basics..lets start with car basics inside with BSM instructor.


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    Great idea rahen...i would love to watch this tutorial...thanks and plz keep sharing

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    the key points during driving is what did you learn from this tutorial?

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    Observation at Junctions: Ineffective observation and judgment.
    Reverse Parallel Parking: Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
    Use of Mirrors: Not checking or not acting on what is seen.
    Reversing Around a Corner: Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
    Incorrect Use of Signals: Not canceling or giving misleading signals.
    Moving Away Safely: Ineffective observation.
    Incorrect Positioning: At roundabouts or bends.
    Lack of Steering Control: Steering too early or too late.
    Incorrect Positioning: When turning right at junctions and in one way streets.
    Inappropriate Speed: Going too slow or being hesitant.

    you can take some advices from here

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    Nice work! :thumbs up:

    Lucky guy, cuz he got trained in such a nice car... maine jis main training li thi woh car tou sadi hui 70's k model wali car li... :cry:

    Thanx to city school, my english is bullshit

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    jis car mein bhi seekha ho...atleast you got the basics to drive your car. thanks rokker

    thank tulip for the side work

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    u cant learn to drive by watching..u have to do it yourself

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    true..but this is also true that you cant drive without any infor..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAHEN, post: 379180
    true..but this is also true that you cant drive without any infor..
    yea thats true..u do need a basic understanding of driving before u do it..or else u might drive into a tree like my friend LOL

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    hehehe...good you understood the point.

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