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Thread: Driving Lessons

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    nice thread buddies

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    HI , nice thread yar , it helps people lot , in driving test ...thanks

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    Sorry loz i am not understand with you coz they many pplz in world blind but they will be driving the car... and if master in driving and any person driving five and sex years ago so only backglass its enough for good drrving.

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    i have driven more than100000 kms since 40
    driven 6 different cars
    my weakness is left side, i fail to watch the left mirror before movu=ing the vehicle to avoid on coming trafic r as a routine
    in india keep left is the dictum
    nice work friend rahen
    no major accidents,thank god
    u make me happy

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    dsjeya you must be concentrate on back miror when you turn left side or to use left side. coz when you change driving line so doing work our judement that that am i pass this way befor second vehical or moter cycel, this is major resson for being accedient.

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    thnx for the info guus

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    for getting the driving licences there are lot of rules and regulation, every country have there own rules like Pakistan here some International and national rules are different, licences of "Buses, Cars, Vans, Rickshaw" are different so rules are too different.

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