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Thread: The right car for you

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    Hello everyone,
    Hope you all are doing fine...while posting i waz thinking...which car would you prefer for your doubt..when it comes to self..we can make decision easily...but when it comes to choosing a car for family that means having enough space for all...and if going for a trip..some space for the things too...the question is...which is the right car for your family?

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    I like big cars so my choice stays the same
    But I do want to buy my dad a Mercedes one day

    Ideally I want to have at least three cars in my home (yes, ideal world doesn't exist so let me dream )
    A Sports Car (guys car) like a Ferrari 430 or Lamborghini Gallardo - For me duh
    A Family Car (to fit 4-5 people) like a BMW 7-series - For casual drives around relatives
    A People Carrier (to fit 5-7 people) like an Audi Q7 - For long journeys
    aye dil tu tanhaiyon main rehne ka AaDi hoja.. jinhein tu yaad karta hai wo bare masroof rehte hain..

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    i have 2 small cars susuki 800
    2 medium hyundai santro and tata indiga diesal for long journer
    my dream is to buy a toyota corolla
    u make me happy

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    I own two cars a Vauxhall Vectra Estate SRI in Black and a Honda Civic. We are looking to buy a Ford Focus, a Mini or even a VW Beetle. Soon we used to have a Range Rover Vogue but that drank to much petrol and cost to much to run.

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    i would suggest a caravan kind of car so you can have enough space for luggage + more people can sit in...
    but for myself...i'll just get a sedan with a powerful engine ...all new ones are any full size sedan would work...trunk is good enough for my luggage

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