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Thread: when you left me

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    When you left me
    In silence and grace
    My heart weeps
    How can I feel your trace
    The fleeting memories
    Hard to erase
    The familiar voice
    Renders my heart race

    Days go by
    Sorrow grows
    My tears dry
    With a soul hollow
    Like a lost child
    So hopeless and desperate
    My guiding star
    Where is your orbit?

    Your voice still whispers
    I can't feel your presence
    Try to hide you in my lines
    Words fail me once
    My soul was lost
    It has gone with thee
    Please light a candle for me
    Brightening my way to meet thee

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    seems like words joined together...but not from heart...will give this 4/10..
    but keep sharing...would wait for more...

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    i would give it even less maybe three

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